Published: Friday 27 July, 2018

Alleged Mikoy Morales Scandal Leaked: Photos from Scandal Video Emerge Online

Another celebrity scandal has surfaced, allegedly of Kapuso actor/singer Mikoy Morales. Scandal photos from an alleged Mikoy Morales scandal video have been leaked on the Internet.

The photos show a guy ‘performing’ in front of a camera. From the looks of it, it seems the guy, who resembles Mikoy Morales, is in a scandalous video chat that the other party must have recorded.

A closeup of the guy who looks like Mikoy can be seen although a bit dark. Screenshots of the guy’s privates are also visible. There are even closeups of his manhood.

Is it really Mikoy Morales or just a look-alike?

Mikoy Morales scandal

Is it really Mikoy Morales in the scandal video, photos leaked online? (YouTube screenshot)

Meanwhile, according to PEP Troika, the Kapuso singer/actor does not want to comment on the alleged scandal video / photos.

Mikoy Morales scandal

Screenshot from the alleged Mikoy Morales scandal.

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