Published: Thursday 08 November, 2018

Miss Earth 2018 Sexual Harassment Scandal as Miss Canada Reveals Her Ordeal

miss earth canada harassment

Miss Earth Canada claims she was repeatedly harassed by a pageant sponsor. (Instagram)

The Miss Earth pageant has been rocked by a sexual harassment scandal. Miss Canada, Jaime VandenBerg, who competed in the just concluded Miss Earth 2018 claims she was sexually harassed by one of the pageant’s sponsors and the organizers did nothing about it!

Many of us have heard rumors and reports of sexual harassment in beauty pageants years but who could have thought it still exists today. And especially in an international pageant of Miss Earth’s caliber! But Miss Canada claims it exists and she posted her ordeal on social media.

In an Instagram post, Jaime Yvonne VandenBerg said she experienced almost two weeks of sexual harassment in Miss Earth 2018 from one of the pageant’s sponsors, who even asked for sexual favors in exchange for placing well in the competition.

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Miss Canada said she ‘complete lost faith’ in the Miss Earth organizers after her complaints were not handled properly.

Miss Earth Canada Sexual Harassment Claims

  • “The second day of the pageant I felt uncomfortable because a sponsor from the first night was given my phone number, without my consent, and was calling me asking for my hotel and room number.”
  • “I gave my phone to a team manager so that she could resolve the issue, but it did not work.”
  • The sponsor “showed up to almost all of my events telling me he could take care of my needs and asked for sexual favours in exchange to get me further in the pageant.
  • The sponsor “showed up to a hotel some girls were staying at and when I ran into him he continued to ask for my room number.”
  • “At an event at the Manila Yacht Club he took all of the delegates in my group to his yacht and had some girls take sultry photos.”
  • “A few of us were given the opportunity to bring our concerns to Miss Lorraine, the woman in charge of the pageant. I went through almost two weeks of sexual harassment before I anything was done about it.”

Miss Canada also claims their passports were confiscated thus preventing them to leave the pageant. She was eventually allowed to go after a relative passed away and another had fallen ill.

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Miss Canada did not finish the pageant. The title was eventually won by Miss Vietnam.

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