Published: Friday 19 October, 2018

Miss Earth Lebanon 2018 DETHRONED for Taking a Selfie with Miss Earth Israel!

Miss Earth Lebanon

Miss Earth Lebanon and Miss Earth Israel flash the ‘peace’ sign. (Twitter)

A controversy at the Miss Earth 2018 currently underway in Manila. Miss Earth Lebanon 2018, Salwa Akar, has been dethroned! Akar has been stripped of her title for taking a selfie with Miss Earth Israel 2018!

During a pre-pageant activity in Manila, Salwa Akar posed for a photo with Dana Zreik, Miss Earth Israel, with both candidates making peace signs. Akar accompanied it with the following caption: “My advocacy is to help people find peace and love within themselves so they can love each others and become peaceful with our mother earth.”

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But Miss Earth Lebanon did not like the photo and Akar was immediately stripped of her title. In a statement released to local media, the organizers said it ‘categorically rejected the relationship with Israel’ and was stripping Salwa Akar of the title.

But the defiant contestant said she will remain in the Miss Earth 2018 pageant.

“I don’t need a ‘title’ to be myself.. I, the Soul am peace.. and I will finish what I started with or without your support and love .. God is always beside me, he knows me more than anyone.. and he knows what’s in my heart . Om Shanti,” the dethroned Miss Earth Lebanon 2018 wrote on Facebook.

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How can she still remain in the pageant if her organizers have stripped her of her title? Surely, the organizers will go after the Miss Earth organization if it allows Akar to continue.

Miss Earth has, so far, remained mum on the issue.

Lebanon and Israel are still technically at war after a conflict that started in 1948.

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