Published: Sunday 26 November, 2017

Miss Universe 2017 Top 16 New Format Elicits Varied Reactions from Fans

It’s just hours away from Miss Universe 2017. But a reported new format for the Top 16 is becoming a hot issue for pageant watchers. Reportedly, Miss Universe 2017 will adopt as 4-4-4-4 format in choosing its Top 16 semi-finalists, the results of which will be announced during the finals.

Miss Universe new format Top 16

The Miss Universe 2017 Top 16 new format aims to have a more evenly distributed semifinals. (MUO image)

According to various social media posts, the Top 16 will be comprised of top scorers from several groups: 1. Asia, Oceania & Africa, 2. Europe, 3. the Americas, and the fourth group will be wildcards. The top 4 contestants from each group, based on their scores from the preliminary competition and interviews, will comprise the Top 16.

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This is a totally new format, something that Miss Universe has never done before. It used to be that the Top 16 (or Top 20 or Top 15) were composed of the top scorers irrelative of the continent or region where they come from. This was the reason why some years saw semifinalists comprised mainly of Latinas. Others saw Asians and contestants from Africa shut out.

While this format ensures that every continent or region will be represented in the Top 16, some pageant observers say it may be ‘unfair’ to other contestants who are worthy to be semifinalists but won’t make it just because their continent has more than 4 contenders.

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What do you think? Do you like the new Top 16 format?

It’s not final, though. Everything is just rumor and speculation at the moment because Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has not made an official announcement in this regard. Nevertheless, some pageant aficionados think it is a done deal and have come up with their own predictions on who will compriuse the Top 16 tomorrow.

Here is just one of the dozens of predictions posted on social media:

Top 16 new format prediction Miss Universe 2017

Top 16 prediction for Miss Universe 2017 based on the new format. (Instagram/@grandslambeautyalliance)