Published: Tuesday 06 December, 2016

Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray is #1 Pick at Miss World 2016

The favorites for Miss World 2016 has been updated and Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray in the new top pick! Will Catriona win the Philippines’ 2nd Miss World crown?

Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray

The lastest Miss World 2016 top favorites, according to Missosology. (PHOTO:

Pageant website Missosology just updated their hot picks for Miss World 2016. The same names from previous top picks are still is the list but the placings have changed. Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray is now their top choice with just over a week to go before the finals.

The Philippines‘ very own, Catriona Gray, is currently on the lead. It cannot be denied that her popularity is beyond reach, with her introduction video garnering the most number of views to date. Any social media platform that has Catriona on it becomes an instant hit. But that’s not to say she is just all about social media. The reason for her unstoppable popularity is because of her amiable personality, as well as her natural charm and serene beauty. She is also a very talented singer, which makes some people wonder, as to which aspect of the Miss World challenges could she possibly miss? While the Philippines has just exploded in celebration when Kylie Verzosa won the Miss International crown, it looks like Catriona is here to give the Filipinos a double victory, similar to the feats achieved by Megan Young and Bea Rose Santiago three years ago. It will surely be a great Christmas gift to our Filipino friends, and to the recipient of Catriona’s charity project in Tondo, Manila, if she totally wins the second blue crown for her country.

Indeed, as we have said before, Its not just physical beauty going for Catriona. It’s her personality that shines through when she talks and interacts with other people. This is what disarms many when they meet Catriona and, hopefully, it is what will help propel her to the Miss World 2016 crown.

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Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray is currently in the thick of competition in Maryland, where preliminary events are ongoing. She has already qualified for the Talent Competition finals and needs the public’s vote to win.

Other Challlenge Events are scheduled in the coming days – Top Model, Beach Fashion, Social Media and Beauty With A Purpose. Winning the Challenge Events automatically qualifies the contestant for the Top 20 in the finals.

To vote, download the Mobstar app on your mobile devices.