Published: Tuesday 17 July, 2018

WATCH Traffic Enforcer Caught on Video Extorting P2,000 from Foreigner

An MMDA traffic enforcer has been dubbed as ‘Boy 2K’ after he was caught on video extorting P2,000 from a foreigner in exchange for a number coding violation.

mmda traffic enforcer

MMDA traffic enforcer ‘Boy 2K’ caught on video. (Facebook/Ernalyn Eugenio)

The video was posted on Facebook by Ernalyn Gacosta Eugenio after she and her foreigner boyfriend encountered the MMDA enforcer.

According to Eugenio, she was being driven around by her boyfriend when their car was flagged down by ‘Boy 2K’. They were told that they violated the number coding regulation and, as such, would have to be issued a traffic ticket and her boyfriend’s driver’s license would be confiscated.

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But the traffic enforcer offered a ‘solution’. 

“Kung kukunin ko po lisensya niyo, tutubusin niyo pa ho sa city hall,” the MMDA enforcer can be heard in the video.

The price for the ‘solution’ was P2,000. The couple tried to bargain but ended up paying the amount anyway for fear of the inconvenience of having their license confiscated.

After handing the money, the couple asked for a receipt but the enforcer ignored them. They also asked why the amount was not reflected in the traffic ticket issued but the traffic enforcer replied, “Aregluhan po maam, yun, kung okay lang, sabi ko di ba? para di na po siya pupunta ng city hall para magbayad.”

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The video has quickly spread on social media and now had more than two million views.