Published: Sunday 07 October, 2018

MMDA Enforcers Run Out of Tickets for 500 Motorcade Motorcycle Riders w/o Helmets

mmda tickets motorcycle riders

Almost 500 motorcycle riders ticketed! (GMA News)

It was probably the biggest haul of the MMDA in one day. Almost 500 motorcycle riders were stopped and ticketed along Commonwealth Avenue on Friday when they were stopped for not wearing helmets. In fact, the MMDA enforcers ran out of tickets!.

According to the report of Mark Salazar of GMA News, almostn 500 motorcycle riders were in a motorcade celebrating the golden anniversary ng Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity when they were stopped. Unfortunately for them, MMDA enforcers were at Commonwealth Avenue to apprehend tricycle drivers who have been banned from plying national roads.

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At first, the Tau Gamma Phi riders tried to talk it out with the MMDA traffic enforcers but the later did not back down.

“Alam namin anniversary n’yo. okay, happy anniversary. Pero violation ‘to wala kayong helmet, nasa main road pa kayo. Tumawag pa sa’kin mismo ang chairman so lahat nang walang helmet titiketan, lahat ng motor. Pasensiya na,” Col. Memel Rojas of the MMDA team told the riders.

In the end, the motorcycle riders could not do anything. Their only request, everybody should be ticketed to which Rojas said they will until they run out of tickets.

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