Published: Tuesday 20 December, 2016

Mom Accused of ‘Child Abuse’ for Giving Kids 96 Christmas Gifts EACH!

Emma Tapping was already accused of ‘child abuse’ last year after giving her kids 87 Christmas gifts each last year. This year, her children are in store for more ‘abuse’ because mom is giving them more!

Excessive Christmas gifts

These were the Tapping’s Christmas gifts last year. (PHOTO: Emma Tapping/Facebook)

For Christmas 2016, Emma Tapping bought 96 Christmas gifts for each of her three children despite the criticism she received last year. According to the 36-year old mother, the expression on her children’s faces as they opened their Christmas presents was simply priceless that she had to outdo herself this year.

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‘When it first happened I felt like I had to stick up for the kids and say they are not spoilt,’ she said of the criticism. ‘I felt I had to justify what I was doing, but now I couldn’t give a toss what anyone thinks.’

‘I will put a picture of my Christmas tree up this year, if you don’t like it scroll on and it is a good job I am not your mum,’ she told TV program ‘Xmas Excess: Parents Splash the Cash’.

And, true enough, she posted a picture of her Christmas gifts to her kids in front of their tree on Facebook.

‘Another year of hard graft, saving and planning. Another year of my family making me proud every day,’ Tapping wrote.

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‘They deserve a great Christmas. The haters will hate but no one will change how I do Christmas.’

Excessive Christmas gifts

These are the Tapping’s Christmas gifts for 2016. (PHOTO: Emma Tapping/Facebook)