Published: Friday 08 June, 2018

LOOK Money Grows on Trees for this ‘Wishing Tree’ in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte

Just look at how much money this tree in Ilocos Norte has. Peso bills in different denominations as well as other currencies can be seen hanging from its branches. So, what’s the secret behind this ‘money tree’?

It is actually a ‘wishing tree’. According to its owner, Jolly Manzano, a tourist started the tradition of putting money on her balete tree many months ago. The tourist said the balete tree is actually a lucky tree contrary to the Filipino belief that it is home to ghosts and ‘bad spirits’.

Since then, many people have been putting money on the balete tree. Some have even attached ATM cards!

Nobody dares to steal money from the tree for fear of bad luck, said Manzano.

Wishing tree Ilocos Norte

Wishing tree Ilocos Norte

Photos courtesy of Bernadette Parco