Published: Saturday 11 August, 2018

Motorcycle ‘Bundol Me’ Modus Caught on Video: It Pays to Have a Dashcam!

Motorcycle bundol me

Beware of this motorcycle ‘bundol me’ modus. Get a dashcam for your protection. (Facebook)

Another modus operandi of crooks these days has been caught on video, proving once again why a dashcam is necessary. It’s another version of the ‘bundol me’ or ‘bangga me’ modus, this time using a motorcycle.

As the dashcam video shows, a motorcycle suddenly overtook the car with the dashcam and deliberately slowed down several times. It was obvious the motorcycle driver was fishing for a ‘bangga me’. 

Finally, he stopped and accused the driver of hitting his motorcycle and demanding payment. However, according to the one who posted the video, one he showed the crook he had a dashcam the motorcycle driver walked away.

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“Magbayad daw ako at binangga ko motor nya….sabi ko sige push mo yan argumento mo (sabay turo sa rearview mirror) naka dash cam ako! Sabay sibat na si kuya.”

The date on the video is August 9, 2018 but location of the incident is unknown.

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