Published: Friday 05 October, 2018

Nobel Peace Prize 2018 LIVE: Who Will Get This Year’s Nobel Prize? Trump? The Koreas?

Nobel Peace Prize

Livestream of the Nobel Peace Prize 2018 announcement from Oslo,

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2018 will be known in a couple of hours. Live from Oslo, Norway, the Nobel Committee will announce this year’s Peace prize awardee. But who will it be?

Will the Nobel Prize go to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un? Or to the two Koreas? Some say it might be Carles Puigdemont of Barcelona, or probably the UNHCR. The list of probables goes on. But, in a couple of hours, we will find out who this year’s winner is.

The 2018 awardee will join an prestigious group that includes Henry Kissinger, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and many more. 

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This year, the Nobel Committee received the second highest number of nominations – 331. Of that number, 216 are individuals while 115 are groups or organizations.

The biggest ever number of nominations were received in 2016 – 376.

Nobel Peace Prize 2018 Livestream

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