Published: Monday 19 December, 2016

OFW ‘Embraced’ by Duterte in SG Speaks Out vs ‘Biased’ ABS CBN News

A Filipino worker in Singapore whose selfie with Duterte became viral has spoken out against the alleged biased reporting of ABS CBN News and set the record straight.

OFW 'embraced' by Duterte

Roma Neriz, the OFW ’embraced’ by Duterte. (PHOTO: Roma Neriz/Facebook)

Roma Neriz is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Singapore who was among thousands who welcomed President Rodrigo Duterte when he visited the city state. Her story was featured by ABS CBN News Friday after she had a selfie with Duterte. She is the OFW ’embraced’ by Duterte in the ABS CBN report.

“After speaking before the Filipino community in Singapore on Friday, President Rodrigo Duterte gamely embraced a woman who asked for a selfie with him,” said the ABS CBN report.

“The woman, who was part of the crowd, was lifted by Duterte’s aides on stage so she can take a photo with the President,” it added.

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But Roma Neriz, who has since changed her Facebook profile photo to the selfie with Duterte, clarified what really heappened. According to the OFW, she was not merely pulled out from the crowd to have a selfie with the president. She was actually ‘saved’ by Duterte and his PSG detail.

According to a report by Mai Laborde of Malacanang, the Singapore OFW wants to straighten out what really happened and clear Duterte’s name after the ABS CBN report made it appear that the president took advantage of her during the selfie session.

Neriz was actually being crushed by the crowd eager to shake Duterte’s hand as he ended his speech in Singapore. To make matters worse, her ‘high heels’ gave way. She then overheard Duterte tell the PSG members to help her and that was when she was pulled up to the stage. Neriz then took the opportunity to take the selfie.

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“To give light to the shady news that President Duterte “embraced” the woman who asked for selfie in his visit to the Filipino community in Singapore, I am attaching the screenshot of the lady’s post.

“Your heading wants to make it appear that the President is taking advantage of the lady’s desire to have a selfie with him. When the lady read these news, she was disappointed and she wants to clean the President’s name, saying that she even overheard PRRD saying to his aides, ” Oh, tulungan niyo”, referring to her,” wrote Mai Laborde on her Facebook page, along with screenshots of Roma Neriz’s social media posts clarifying what really happened.

Neriz also posted this on her Facebook page: