Published: Sunday 12 August, 2018

Oil Price Hike August 14: Gasoline, Diesel Prices Expected to Increase Again Tuesday

Oil Prices Philippines

Another round of gasoline and diesel price increases is coming!

There seems to be be not letup in the increase of fuel. Another oil price hike is coming this Tuesday, August 14. Industry sources say gasoline, diesel and kerosene prices are set to go up again.

The increase may be minimal but it is an increase nonetheless. According to sources in the Department of Energy (DoE) and the local oil industry, the increase will be as follows:

Gasoline prices – P0.05 to P0.10 per liter
Diesel prices – P0.20 to P0.30 per liter
Kerosene price – P0.00 to P0.05 per liter

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The official price increases will be announced on Monday.