Published: Sunday 19 August, 2018

Oil Price Hike August 21: Gasoline Price to Increase, Diesel May Remain Unchanged

gasoline price increase

Another round of gas price increase is expected this Tuesday, August 21. (KTSA image)

Brace yourselves for another fuel price increase next week. On August 21, Tuesday, gasoline prices are expected to rise based on last week’s trading prices, while diesel and kerosene may remain the same.

Industry sources are certain that the price of gasoline products will increase. The possible price hike is around P0.40 per liter.

On the other hand, the fate of diesel and kerosene prices are still uncertain. Some say it will remain unchanged while some sources predict an increase of around P0.05 per liter.

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The actual price adjustments will only be known on Monday when fuel companies announce it.

UPDATE: Here are the official price adjustments as announced today. Other oil companies are expected to make similar price changes.

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