Published: Sunday 14 October, 2018

Oil Price ROLLBACK Oct. 14, 2018: Finally, Gasoline, Diesel Price Cuts TODAY!

Oil price rollback

Gasoline, diesel and kerosene prices go down earlier than usual this week.

After nine straight weeks of increases, gasoline, diesel and kerosene prices go down today! The oil price rollback was announced by local fuel retailers after international market prices retreated the past week.

The oil price decrease will be effected by local oil retailers on October 14 and 15, according to their official announcements. However, some have opted to cut down prices even earlier. SeaOil and Unioil cut their gasoline and diesel prices on Saturday!

The price adjustments for both SeaOil and Unioil took effect at 2:00 PM.

Other companies will adjust their prices today, Sunday, and tomorrow.

  UPDATED At Least P2.00 per Liter Diesel & Gasoline Price BIG TIME Rollback

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