Published: Wednesday 31 May, 2017

Online LTO Car Registration Soon if JV Ejercito Proposal is Implemented

Manual car registration at the LTO is one of the many hassles if Filipino car owners. Imagine taking time off from work just to register your car (and in some cases, cars). Sometimes, it even takes more than one day when a technical glitch at the LTO causes computers to go offline. This happened to me twice. What if cars can be registered online?

LTO registration online

Online LTO registration should be implemented ASAP. (Olx)

Online car registration at the LTO may soon be a reality if the proposal of Senator JV Ejercito is approved. Ejercito filed a Senate resolution asking the Land Transportation Office to study how online registration can be implemented.

Thanks goodness for this! And while you’re at it, study how we can get rid of the useless emissions test that is merely a racket to siphon millions from the public, just like the drug test that used to be mandatory when renewing drivers licenses.

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“In reality, the public spends an average of two to four days to register a motor vehicle due to inefficiency and inadequacy of LTO employees and facilities,” JV Ejercito told GMA News.

“The establishment and implementation of an online facility for the registration of motor vehicle will promote transparency in LTO with regard to its manner of transacting with the public and will simplify the registration procedure, thereby reducing red tape and expedite transactions with the agency,” he added.

Online car registration will not only save millions of Filipinos time, but money as well from the fixers at the LTO!