Published: Friday 16 December, 2016

LOOK: Orchid Named After Duterte – ‘Dendrobium Rodrigo Roa Duterte’

There’s a new flower on the block – the ‘Dendrobium Rodrigo Roa Duterte’, an orchid named after President Duterte.

Dendrobium Rodrigo Roa Duterte

The ‘Dendrobium Rodrigo Roa Duterte’, the orchid named after Duterte in Singapore. (PHOTO: PCO)

It’s a tradition in Singapore to name orchids after visiting heads of state. Thus, one was named after Duterte during his visit yesterday – the Dendrobium Rodrigo Roa Duterte’.

The president himself was able to personally check out the flower named after him. It is a red-violet orchid that is a hybrid of Dendrobium Sonia Beauty and Dendrobium Urmila Nandey.

Meanwhile, Duterte expressed confidence that the relationship between the Philippines and Singapore will even be closer especially after his two-day state visit.

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“I say tonight we can and should look forward to a future of greater mutually beneficial collaboration,” the president said during the state dinner hosted in his honor.

“Tonight, I say we are drawn even closer as partners and friends. We have reason to celebrate,” he added. “We work closely on political issues, pursuing principled positions on the rule of law in the peaceful settlement of disputes.”

Duterte also noted that the presence of 180,000 overseas Filipino workers in Singapore is proof of the “enduring friendship” between the two nations.

And, just before flying home to the Philippines Friday, Duterte met with some of these overseas Filipino workers who gave him a rousing welcome.

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