Published: Tuesday 18 September, 2018

Organizers Slam Moira Dela Torre on ‘Marcos Fest’ Issue: ‘Nobody tricked you!”

Moira dela Torre Marcos Fest

Moira dela Torre Marcos Fest concert poster. (Ilocos Norte Tourism Office)

Kapamilya singer Moira dela Torre is in hot water after saying she was tricked into performing at a ‘Marcos Fest’ in Laoag City. Ilocanos and ‘Marcos Fest’ organizers have slammed Moira for denying she know it was a ‘Marcos Fest’ and she would have rejected the gig had she known.

The controversy started over the weekend after Moira dela Torre tweeted this after a netizen asked her if she knew the free concert was in commemoration of former president Marcos’ birthday: “No, I didn’t. From the earlier reminders til before we got there, they addressed it as the Ilocano Millenial Night. Not once was his name brought up. So let me be clear about this: I performed for the people of Ilocos and NOT for Marcos.”

Moira added,”It was the producer who failed to give us all the information. I think he purposely left that out to keep us from not accepting the event…. which makes me even angrier.”

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But the organizers of the event, the Ilocos Norte Tourism Office, said Moita and her camp knew from the start that it was a Marcos event!

“Nobody tricked you Moira Dela Torre. You knew that the event was called “Marcos Fest,” at the very least posters were up even before you flew to Laoag. Don’t make it seem like we lied to get you to perform. Ask your agent and your manager about it and please, don’t blame the “producers,”” Aian Raquel of the Ilocos Norte Tourism Office wrote on Facebook.

“Remove all politics and cultural subjectivities and you get the basic and simple issue of courtesy, reciprocal decency, and common sense,” Raquel said in another statement posted on FashionPulis.

We have worked with a good number of successful and iconic Filipino artists before Moira. It’s the first time that we encounter this problem from an artist.

The facts are simple- we invited Miss Moira dela Torre to perform her hits and not to play politics. She accepted the gig and we respectfully hosted her here until she left. The venue was packed with gracious Ilocanos who were excited to see her before the devastation of Ompong. Photos and videos will show that Moira had fun on stage, not a hint of unwillingness to perform. We never expected that she would tweet that she is angry for performing at Marcos Fest while we are inundated with the damage of Ompong. Remove all politics and cultural subjectivities and you get the basic and simple issue of courtesy, reciprocal decency, and common sense.

Meanwhile, a netizen posted a screenshot purportedly showing Moira liking a post about the event, thereby proving that she knew it was a Marcos Fest all along.

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