Published: Tuesday 23 October, 2018

PAGASA Monitoring Typhoon Yutu (Possible Typhoon RositaPH) Approaching PAR

Typhoon RositaPH

Typhoon Yutu may enter PAR as RositaPH. (EarthWind Map)

A typhoon in the Pacific is moving westwards in the direction of the Philippines. Named Typhoon Yutu, the cyclone is being monitored by PAGASA as it continues on its path. If it enters PAR, the typhoon will be named Rosita, or RositaPH.

According to the latest PAGASA weather bulletin on Tuesday morning, the cyclone was spotted at 2,925 kilometers east of Visayas and packing 110 kph winds near the center. But Yutu is still likely to intensify as it is well out in the Pacific and over water.

PAGASA said its forecast models show Yutu is not likely to enter PAR because it will veer west northwest in the general direction of Taiwan. However, the weather bureau is not discounting the possibility that Yutu may change its course and move closer to the Philippines.

If it does, Rosita will be the 18th storm in the Philippines for 2018. PAGASA is closely monitoring the weather system.

typhoon Yutu

Forecast path of Typhoon Yutu according to JTWC.

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