Published: Thursday 12 July, 2018

Palawan & Cebu Voted World’s Best Islands 2018, Boracay Nowhere on List

Two of the Philippines’ best islands are among the world’s best, again! Palawan and Cebu made it to the 2018 World Best Islands list by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Palawan worlds best island

Palawan continues to enthrall tourists with its beauty. (YouTube screen grab)

The annual list of the world’s best islands is the result of Travel + Leisure’s reader poll. Palawan was number 1 in 2017 but, this year, dropped to sixth with a 90.4 score. Cebu, on the other hand, is in eighth spot with a score of 89.10.

“The Edenic Philippine outpost of Palawan scored the top spot on this list in 2013 and in 2017; it also makes the grade this year, although it cedes the top spot to a surprise entry. It remains in fine company, voted in along with its sister island Cebu,” wrote Travel + Leisure.

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Meanwhile, Boracay, which was number 3 in the 2017 poll and number 2 in 2016, is nowhere to be found! This just goes to show how Boracay, once described as a paradise, has lost its appeal to many international travelers due to overcrowding, mismanagement and pollution.

Boracay was closed by the government for six months last April. It is currently undergoing rehabilitation after President Duterte described it as a “cesspool”.

This year’s Travel + Leisure poll is topped by three Indonesian islands – Java, Bali and Lombok.