Published: Tuesday 30 May, 2017

Paolo Ballesteros Breaks Up w/ Boyfriend Who Got a Girl Pregnant: Report

Sources have confirmed that Paolo Ballesteros has broken up with boyfriend Roland Ochoa Anog. Reportedly, it was Paolo’s decision to breakup with Roland after the latter got a girl pregnant!

Paolo Ballesteros Roland Ochoa Anog

Paolo has broken up with Roland after he reportedly got a girl pregnant. (Instagram/Paolo Ballesteros)

Speculation about the breakup started after Paolo posted a cryptic message on his Instagram. Together with a photo of his and Roland’s couple tattoos, Paolo wrote: “That’s it pancit. Back to zero.” (Paolo has since deleted the phrase ‘back to zero’.) Followers immediately sensed that ‘back to zero’ means Paolo was back to having zero love life.

Then, it was Roland’s turn to post a message seemingly referring to the breakup. In the caption to a photo of him and Paolo together, he wrote: “Thanks for the memories.”

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Today, PEP reported that, according to its sources, the breakup is true. The reason? Roland reportedly got a girl pregnant and it was Paolo who decided to end their relationship.

UPDATE: Paolo Ballesteros camp has denied the breakup. According to PEP, sources within the actor’s circle have also denied the ‘pregnant’ issue.