Published: Thursday 29 December, 2016

Pasay City Judge Fired Over ‘Sexual Messages’, Harassment, etc.

The Supreme Court has ordered the dismissal of a Pasay City court  due to various offenses, which includes insubordination, harassment of court staff and for sending ‘sexual messages’ to a fellow magistrate via Facebook.

Pasay City judge fired

Supreme Court fires Pasay City judge. (PHOTO: Philstar)

Judge Eliza Yu of the Pasay City Metropolitan Trial Court has been ordered dismissed immediately. In an 85-page decision promulgated on November 22, the Supreme Court found Yu guilty of gross insubordination, gross ignorance of the law, gross misconduct, grave abuse of authority, oppression, and conduct unbecoming of a judicial official.

According to the decision, Judge Eliza Yu exhibited an unbecoming arrogance in committing insubordination and gross misconduct for her refusal to comply with Supreme Court Administrative Order (AO) No. 19-2011 establishing night courts.

Night courts were ordered established in Metropolitan Trial Courts in Pasay and Makati in 2011 via Supreme Court Administrative Order (AO) No. 19-2011, the aim of which was to expeditiously hear and try cases involving night time apprehensions. Yu was then assigned to night duties. However, she refused and even wrote a letter to SC Administrator Jose Midas Marquez questioning the issuance of such order.

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“By her refusal to adhere to and abide by A.O. No. 19-2011, she deliberately disregarded her duty to serve as the embodiment of the law at all times . . . To tolerate her insubordination and gross misconduct is to abet lawlessness on her part. She deserved to be removed from the service because she thereby revealed her unworthiness of being part of the Judiciary,” the Supreme Court said.

The Supreme Court also said Yu exhibited conduct unbecoming of a judge when she repeatedly sent messages via Facebook and email with sexual undertones to a fellow judge. While the Court acknowledged that some of these messages were sent when Yu was still of prosecutor, her internet stalking continued even after she was appointed as a judge.

Other offenses include Judge Eliza Yu’s oppressive behavior towards her staff, whom she constantly threatened with administrative complaints, and her arrogance in issuing show cause order against her fellow judges.

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“The grossness and severity of her offenses taken together demonstrated Judge Yu’s unfitness and incompetence to further discharge the office and duties of a Judge. Her arrogance and insubordination in challenging A.O. No. 19-2011, and her unyielding rejection of the appointments of court personnel constituted gross insubordination and gross misconduct, and warranted her immediate dismissal from the Judiciary. Her requiring her fellow Judges to submit to her authority by virtue of her show-cause order, whereby she revealed her utter disrespect towards and disdain for them, as well as her conduct unbecoming of a judiciary officer aggravated her liability. The administration of justice cannot be entrusted to one like her who would readily ignore and disregard the laws and policies enacted by the Court to guarantee justice and fairness for all,” said the Supreme Court.

With her dismissal, The High Court also ordered the forfeiture of Yu’s benefits, except accrued leave credits. The order also barred Eliza Yu from reinstatement or appointment to any public office.