Published: Wednesday 17 January, 2018

LOOK Passenger Opens PNR Train Door While Train is Moving (VIDEO)

We’ve seen an LRT train door remaining open while moving. Now, a video of a PNR train door likewise open during a trip is going viral. But there’s a difference, the LRT train door did not close due to a technical glitch but the PNR train door WAS OPENED by a passenger during the trip!

PNR train doors open

The passenger keeping the PNR train doors open by putting himself in its way. (Facebook screen grab/Daryl Alcantara)

The video was posted by passenger Daryl Suyman Alcantara on Facebook. Alcantara was a riding an Philippine National railways train last Sunday, January 14, when he noticed a fellow passenger suddenly opening the door while the train was moving.

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As the train was leaving a station, its warning buzzer sounded and the door started to close. However, according to Daryl Alcantara, he noticed the passenger preventing the door from closing.

“Napansin ko iyong isang lalaki na noong nag-warning buzzer na, magsasara na iyong pinto, pinipigilan niya ito magsara . . . kinakalso niya iyong kamao niya,” Alcantara told ABS CBN News.

The unidentified passenger did this in all station until he alighted at Blumentritt, according to Daryl.

It was already too late when the marshal arrived at the scene because the passenger in question had already alighted. However, Daryl’s video will, hopefully, help the PNR in establishing his identity.

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