Published: Thursday 08 November, 2018

Viral: PAL Flight Attendant Breastfeeds Passenger’s Hungry Baby During Flight

PAL flight attendant beastfeed

Philippine Airlines flight attendant Patrisha Organo. (Jun Dangoy/Facebook)

Going viral on social media is a Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight attendant who breastfed a stranger’s baby. Flight attendant Patrisha Organo is now being hailed for her heroic and selfless gesture.

On her Facebook post, Patrisha Organo related how she heard the cry of a baby just minutes after takeoff. It was, according to the PAL flight attendant, ‘a cry that will make you want to do anything to help.’

She spoon found out that the baby was hungry and the mother had run out of baby formula. Having given birth 9 months earlier, Organo only thought of one solution and offered to breastfeed the baby.

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With the help of another flight attendant, they took the mother and her baby to the plane’s galley where Patrisha breastfed the infant until it fell asleep.

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