Published: Tuesday 17 July, 2018

Paul Salas’ Mother Appeals to Barbie Imperial About Alleged ‘Physical Abuse’ Post

A message from Paul Salas’ mother to Barbie Imperial has been leaked online. In the Facebook Messenger message, Paul’s mother appealed to Barbie regarding her controversial post alleging ‘physical abuse’.

Barbie Imperial Paul salas

Barbie Imperial and Paul Salas in happier times. (instagram/Barbie Imperial)

The name Michelle Gonzalez Solinap appears as the sender of the message, reportedly Paul Salas’ mother. She begins by asking Barbie Imperial what happened and why the latter made such a social media post.

Solinap then said that Paul is not capable of such a thing as he loves the actress very much. She also told the young actress that it was she who wanted to end the relationship in teh first place.

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Though Barbie did not mention Paul in her post, Solinap said people would automatically conclude she was accusing him. And this would be detrimental to his career.

“Hi Barbie, ano nangyayari bakit ganyan post si Paul iisipin ng tao nyan alam mo naman d magawa ni Paul yan at kung gaano ka kamahal ni Paul ikaw una nag ayaw at nakipaghiwalay ginawa na lahat ni Paul intindihin ka alam mo yan wag ganun parehas kayo artista parehas kayo artista si Paul masisira nakkalungkot mga nangyyari.”

In the end, Michelle Gonzalez Solinap told Barbie Imperial that despite what happened, she still considers that nothing has changed between them and she is still open if Barbie wants someone to talk to.

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But Barbie replied, “Imbes na mag sorry nalang sya tita dinadamay nya pa mga kaibigan nya. Mas lalo niya kami pinupush na gumawa ng legal actions. May pruweba ako na sinaktan niya ako.”

Barbie Imperial Paul Salas

The leaked conversation between Barbie Imperial and Paul Salas’ mother. (Twitter/@Raindr0ps_24/FashionPulis)