Published: Friday 21 September, 2018

PCSO Lotto Results Sept. 21 6/58 Ultra Lotto, 6/45 Megalotto, 4Digit, Suertres, EZ2

pcso lotto results 6/58

Two draws held September 21: 6/58 Ultra Lotto & 6/45 Megalotto.

The PCSO 6/58 Ultra Lotto jackpot reached P679,000,000+ on Friday, September 21, but there was still no winner! The winning numbers are 06-47-41-55-28-10 and no bettor guessed it correctly (I didn’t even get a single number!). This means, the jackpot for the 6/58 lotto draw on Sunday may reach P700 million!

There was also no winner in the other major lotto draw on Friday – the 6/45 Megalotto, which had a jackpot prize of more than P20 million.

The full results of today’s PCSO draws are posted below.

  113 Bettors Missed P1 Billion 6/58 Ultra Lotto Jackpot by Just ONE Number!

pcso lotto results 6/58

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