Published: Thursday 11 October, 2018

PDP-Laban DENIES Freddie Aguilar is Their Senatorial Candidate: ‘Not ours!’

Freddie Aguilar PDP-Laban

Freddie Aguilar showing off his COV this morning. (Twitter/Patrick Quintos)

When Freddie Aguilar filed his candidacy for senator this morning, he told reporters that he is running under PDP-Laban, the political party of the Duterte administration. But PDP-Laban clarified Thursday afternoon that Aguilar is not one of their senatorial candidates.

In a statement issued to GMA News by Ron Monsayac, who heads PDP-Laban’s public information arm, it said Freddie Aguilar is not an official candidate of the party for senator.

“Freddie Aguilar is not a candidate for senator nor any other elective position of the PDP-Laban. We did not issue any Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA) from the party,” said Monsayac.

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“Although he’s free to continue his plans to run for Senator, he is not part of the PDP-Laban slate,” he added.

But, in fairness to Aguilar, he never claimed that he is an official candidate of the party. He just said that he is running under PDP-Laban, presumably since he is a member of the party.

It will be recalled that Freddie Aguilar’s name was one of those mentioned as a possible party candidate a couple of months ago. Obviously, PDP-Laban has already made its official senatorial slate and Ka Freddie isn’t in the list.

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