Published: Sunday 01 July, 2018

People Burned Alive After Fuel Tanker Explodes During Rush Hour in Lagos, Nigeria

Nine people died burning to death in their cars after a horrific explosion in Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday. A load fuel tanker crashed and and exploded during rush hour traffic, trapping the victims. More than a dozen were able to escape the inferno although some were injured.

Lagos fuel tanker explosion

People died in their cars unable to escape the inferno after the fuel tanker exploded. (Getty Images)

According to news reports, the driver of the fuel tanker lost control of truck on a bridge in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city. The truck spilled its contents in the accident and petrol immediately caught fire. More than 50 vehicles were burned, including several buses.

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The explosion occurred at 5:30 PM local time on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, one of the main entry points to the city. As such, the road was filled with rush hour traffic. Witnesses said they heard the truck driver yelling ‘brake failure, brake failure’ as the truck rolled backwards down the road.

Watch the tanker rolling backwards in this video. Seconds later, the explosion and fire can be heard although it was not caught by the dashcam:

The tanker was loaded with 33,000 liters of imported petrol, said Al Jazeera. Although Nigeria is one of the top six producers of crude oil, it still imports petrol because many of its refineries are not working due to neglect, corruption and mismanagement.

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Such accidents are not uncommon in Nigeria, said the BBC. In a country where road conditions are poor, and many of its fuel tankers are imported used vehicles from Europe, such accidents have claimed the lives of people in the past.