Published: Monday 27 November, 2017

LOOK Is John Lloyd Cruz Wearing a Wedding Ring? Secretly Married to Ellen?

A photo of John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna on Instagram caught some netizens’ attention because John Lloyd seems to be wearing a ‘wedding ring’! Did he and Ellen Adarna get married while they were abroad?

John Lloyd Cruz Ellen Adarna

Did John Loyd and Ellen get married secretly? (Instagram/Ellen Adarna)

The photo was posted on the Instagram account of @cacaymoras. Tagged as a double date, eagle-eyed netizens noticed something peeking out from John Loyd’s ring finger on his left hand, something that was partly obscured by a table napkin. 

But there’s no doubt about, it’s a ring! This led some readers to speculate that it’s a wedding and ring.

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If it’s true, then it’s the latest ‘episode’ in the storied romance of John  Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna. Ever since their controversial vacation on Bantayan Island, it seems everything this couple does have become hot social media topics.

Just last week, it was rumored that Ellen is pregnant. Though this has not been confirmed by the couple nor their respective camps, media sources swear that it’s true. Ellen Adarna herself has been dropping hints about it on social media.

John Lloyd Cruz married wedding ring

Look at John Lloyd ‘s left hand. Is that a wedding ring? (Instagram/@cacaymoras)