Published: Friday 29 June, 2018

PHOTOS Kobe Paras Bonds with Siblings from Jackie Forster but Where’s Andre?

The bond between Kobe Paras and his siblings, the children of Jackie Forster – Jared, Caleigh and Yohan, is unmistakable. You can see and feel it in their photos posted on social media.

Kobe Paras siblings

Kobe Paras with his siblings Jared and Caleigh. (Instagram/Jackie Forster)

Ever since Jackie, her husband and their children arrived in Manila last week, the three kids have been bonding with their big brother Kobe. And, just like in their photos from their previous meeting in Los Angeles earlier this year, you can see how Jared, Caleigh and Yohan love and miss their Kuya Kobe.

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But where is Andre Paras? We haven’t seen him bonding with his half-siblings? Are his TV and basketball schedules getting in the way? 

If I remember it right, one of the reasons Jackie Forster brought her whole family to Manila is for them to meet Andre.