Published: Tuesday 25 September, 2018

LOOK Russian Boy with 2-inch Long Eyelashes Unfazed by Attention He Gets

longest eyelashes

The longest eyelashes in Russia but NOT in the world! (CEN/

This boy’s long eyelashes are the envy of many women. Meet Muin Bachonaev, an 11-year old boy from Moscow, Russia whose eyelashes are two inches long! And, it turns out, his eyelashes were even longer when he was a baby.

According to Muin Bachonaev’s dad, his son’s eyelashes touched his lips when he was a baby! They consulted a doctor about their son’s unusual condition and were told that the gene responsible for Muin’s eyelash growth ‘worked differently than usual’.

Because of his unusual trait, the young boy gets a lot of stares and unwanted attention. However, Muin has learned to live with it and is, in fact, unfazed by it.

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‘I live like anybody. There is no need to take special care of my eyelashes,’ Muin said. ‘I’m comfortable with them and do not have any difficulties.’

longest eyelashes

Muin Bachonaev hold the Russian record for the longest eyelashes. However, he pales in comparison to the Guinness World Record holder!

According to Guinness, the longest lashes in the world belongs to You Jianxia of China whose eyelashes measure 12.40 cm (4.88 inches)!

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