Published: Wednesday 21 December, 2016

Pia Wurtzbach Looks Back at Miss Universe 2015 Win One Year Later

It was one year ago when Pia Wurtzbach became Miss Universe 2015. Today, Pia shared her thoughts that night in Las Vegas as she tried to achieve a life-long dream for herself, and for the Philippines.

Pia Wurtzbach

It was one year ago when Pia Wurtzbach won Miss Universe 2015. (PHOTO: Pia Wurtzbach/Instagram)

In a series a posts on social media, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach opened up about her thoughts and feelings that fateful night on the Miss Universe stage at Planet Hollywood as she competed with almost a hundred beautiful girls. From the time she was called as one of the semifinalists, up to the Q&A and Top 3, and then winning the crown.

“Throwback to the night that was about to change my life forever. Coming into the competition, I was ready to do my best to make my childhood dream come true. I really wanted to be Miss Universe. But as I was doing the years of training prior that night, I realized that there was something more to attain here than personal achievement. I wanted to proudly represent the Philippines and bring back home the crown,” Pia wrote on Instagram.

We all watched as she was called as one of the Top 15. But after the swimsuit competition, when the Top 10 were being called, many Pinoy fans were about to have a heart attack when Pia’s was finally called as the ninth qualifier. Little did we know that Pia was about to have a heart attack as well.

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“Let me tell you, it wasn’t cool to be the 9th country called during top 10! 😨 I was dying in anticipation. My heart was pounding and I remember thinking “how am I ever gonna get the chance to do final question if I don’t pass swimsuit round first!” BUT all the hard work paid off as I get into top 10 and eventually finding out that I actually ranked pretty well for this round,” she said.

All her hard work at the gym paid off, and she didn’t forget to thank her trainers. And, as a reward to herself after her win, she ordered a whole pizza!

“Thank God for my trainers. @gymbassy and of course, the ever so strict, @johncuay 🤗 So, as a reward, I ordered a whole pizza for myself. As my celebratory meal. No regrets. Sorry, Papa J.”

Pia also described how she felt during the Q&A, which she aced of course. Likewise as she waited for her name to be called for the Top 3.

“After the top 5 Q&A where I was asked about my personal stand on US military presence in the Philippines, (Imagine if that was asked now. Whew. But thank God for all the intense Q&A training with Tito Nad @sigulanon) it was then time to call in the top 3. I just wanted to hear Steve Harvey say “Philippines!” so badly. And I remember singing this song in my head to help me calm down, “Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?” And so Steve did as I advance to top 3! 💥 Who else was nervous when I was last to be called for the final round?” she revealed.

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And that winning blue gown by Albert Andrada? She had to convince Stella Marquez Araneta that it was about time a Filipino gown should be worn by Miss Philippines in international pageants, especially at Miss Universe.

“It’s about time for Filipino designers! Months before competing I thought about what change I can do to the Bb Pilipinas organization to improve and help future Miss Philippines’,” she said.

“It didn’t take long before I made a promise to myself that after years of not really having a choice on our final look, it’s about time we show a Filipino made gown. Especially at Miss Universe. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin, diba po?”

Years from now, future Miss Philippines will look back and thank Pia Wurtzbach for finally fighting for Filipino designers after years of being ignored and bypassed.

“And with a little lambing I’m finally getting Madam Stella’s (national director) permission to wear Filipino designers. Years of saving my brownie points from Madam Stella and she finally agreed. But on one condition, “Just make sure you win.””

And she did!

Thanks for a wonderful year, Pia Wurtzbach! Thank you for making us all proud to have a beautiful and humble Miss Universe 2015 who is confidently beautiful with a heart.