Published: Saturday 20 January, 2018

US Pinay Jhenny Gacasa Insults PH Call Center Agents for ‘Tanga’ English

Filipino netizens and call center employees are up in arms against US-based Pinay Jhenny Gacasa. This after Gacasa insulted Filipino call center agents for being ‘tanga’ (stupid) with their English. However, netizens were quick to point out Gacasa’s grammatical errors in her rant thereby being ‘tanga’ herself.

Jhenny Gacasa

Profile pic of Jhenny Gacasa on Facebook.

On Facebook, Jhenny Gacasa (yes, Jenny with an ‘h’) from Mesquite, Texas, expressed her frustration after apparently calling T-Mobile customer service and the call center agent who assisted her could not address her problem properly. Gacasa blamed it on English comprehension.

“Bring call center back to America!!!!

Employ 100% Fluent speakers.
I can tell by the accent that they are from out of states and some are from the Philippines, its so frustrating because they CAN speak ENGLISH but DOESN’T seem to understand the problem or the issue. It is ABUSED OF MY TIME to be on the phone for freaking 1 hr and it suck!! MAKA ENGLISH LANG..TANGA NAMAN, KAASAR!



As Jhenny Gacasa‘s rant became viral on Philippine social media, she became deluged and rants and insults herself from fellow Filipinos who pointed out her own grammatical errors.

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“Baka di sya naintindihankasi ultimo grammar nya mali mali. It is abused daw e, kahit dun lang magkakaron na ng confusion. Tapos they pero doesn’t. Tapos it pero suck. Suck suckin ko to e,” wrote a certain Sev Balason.

“1. Use Hire instead of “Employ”. 2. 100% fluent speakers? Duh! Just simply “fluent to speak…” 3. “…from out of states?” Hanudaw? 4. “some” is a collective noun. Singular. 😊 5. Use “They” as plural. It should’ve been DON’T. Not “DOESN’T” 😂 6. “It is ABUSED…..” kalowka! is ang ginamit tas ABUSED? Yeng tetee? Past or present tense? 7. “to be on the phone…” sowz, maka “to be” hindi naman alam gamitin. Simplehan mo lang teh. “over the phone”. 😊 Ang talino mo po. Ikaw na nasa esteyts,” wrote Leo dela Cruz in reply.

Meanwhile, another netizen, obviously a call center agent, pointed out that no agent wants to talk to a customer for 1 hour and, usually, if it took that long, it’s the customer who couldn’t comprehend.

“Whats the reason why you are calling? maybe you dont underatand your bill? or you cant even troubleshoot your device? makalait ka wagas! English mo nga lumiliko pa, ikaw may kailangan sa amin kaya ka tumawag, pano ka na lang kung wala kami! buguon sad ka siguro,” she wrote.

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“Oh no, so racist to her own countrymen. Speaking as a former call center employee, FYI we are here to help people like you who doesn’t know right from left and we thank the world that there are people like you who are so dumb that you need help in everything that you do but insulting us is something else. You don’t have the right to insult anyone and besides the idea that “customers are always right” doesn’t apply often. You can’t even speak a single sentence in straight englisg and that could be the very reason why the CSR couldn’t understand your concern. You are so PATHETIC it’s make me wanna cry. You are a DISGRACE TO THE FILIPINO PEOPLE!!!” wrote former call center agent Juan Ignacio Llanderal.

But Jhenny Gacasa remained defiant and engaged in a word war with Filipino netizens on her Facebook page, wrong grammar and all.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to complain about other people’s wrong English, make sure yours is impeccable. And, don’t engage in a word war with Filipino netizens… because you won’t win!

Jhenny Gacasa