Published: Wednesday 18 July, 2018

Pinoy Admits Raping & Killing Japanese Student with 2 Other Filipino Accomplices

A Filipino accused of raping and killing a Japanese university student has confessed to the crime. Two other suspects, also Filipinos, are now wanted by Japanese authorities.

Lampano Jerico Mori

Pinoy suspect Lampano Jerico Mori. (TV Asahi)

Lampano Jerico Mori was arrested last year for the rape and murder of of a Japanese student in 2004. Mori, who is now 36 years old, was said to have confessed to the crime to the mother of one of his accomplices. The suspect has also admitted the crime in court, reported Kyodo News Agency.

According to court documents, Lampano Jerico Mori, along with two Filipino accomplices, snatched the student, Misato Harada, on January 31, 2004. They raped her then killed her by stabbing the victim several times. 

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Mori was identified after DNA samples extracted from the victim’s body matched his DNA.

Police said the two Filipino accomplices, who left Japan after the crime, were minors at the time. They are now 34 and 32 years old but have not been publicly identified. Japanese authorities are now seeking their arrest via Interpol.