Published: Friday 30 December, 2016

Police Stumble on Marijuana Christmas Tree During Raid, Two Arrested

Police were stunned to find what was probably the most unusual Christmas tree in the world – a marijuana plant fully decorated for the season!

Marijuana Christmas tree

The marijuana Christmas tree with all its trimmings. (PHOTO: Twitter/Glos_Police)

Officers found the marijuana Christmas tree during a raid on a suspected cannabis supplier’s home. It is not clear, though, if the marijuana plant was deliberately disguised as a Christmas tree, or if the suspects just want to celebrate the season with a different ‘theme’ this year.

Decorated with tinsel, lights and even topped off with an angel, the unusual find was discovered just before Christmas in the town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England.

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Police wouldn’t have noticed anything unusual about tree if not for the over abundance of trimmings that seemed to be hiding something underneath. Upon careful inspection, their suspicions were proven right.

Aside from the the marijuana Christmas tree, officers also seized drugs and drug paraphernalia during the raid.

A man and a woman were arrested and booked for cultivating cannabis. They were later released on bail pending further investigation.