Published: Saturday 20 January, 2018

WHY President Digong & Son Paolo Both Snubbed Isabelle Duterte’s Debut

Two very important people in Isabelle Duterte’s life were absent at her debut Friday night. President Rodrigo Duterte, her grandfather, and Paolo Duterte, her father, were nowhere to be seen at the Manila Peninsula during the debut.

Isabelle Duterte snub

Two VIPs absent at Isabelle Duterte debut – grandfather Digong Duterte and father Paolo.

Paolo Duterte’s absence was, more or less, expected. After all, he did have a very public social media fight with Isabelle a couple of weeks back. But Digong’s absence was unexpected. Many thought the president would attend his granddaughter’s lavish debut.

But, maybe, this was the very reason why President Duterte snubbed the event – because of its lavishness. We all know how the president abhors such indulgences and opts for a simpler life.

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Isabelle Duterte’s debut was grand in almost every scale. Remember how she was criticized to her photo shoot in Malacanang wearing expensive gowns? Or how she had a pre-debut video shot in Australia? Or how about her debut invitation which featured a small LED screen?

Last Friday, Isabelle wore an even more expensive (Swarovski crystal-encrusted) gown – a blue creation by Michael Cinco that may have cost hundreds of thousands of pesos. And the Manila Peninsula set-up must have cost a fortune too!

These probably turned off Digong.


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