Published: Wednesday 10 January, 2018

LOOK Priest Who Looks Like Alden Richards Goes Viral: ‘Father Bae’?

Has Alden Richards entered the priesthood? Is he now known as Father Alden, aka ‘Father Bae’? No, it’s just a look-alike. A photo of the priest who really looks like Alden Richards is now going viral.

Alden Richards look-alike priest

‘Father Bae’, the priest who looks like Alden Richards. (Facebook/Marjorie Feliciano)

Now posted in various social media site and credited to a certain Marjorie Feliciano, the the priest indeed looks like Alden. And, from the photos, it looks like he was administering baptism.

No details on what his name is or where the parish is located, though.

Alden Richards

Alden Richards is now a priest? He he.

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