Published: Tuesday 11 September, 2018

Why Award-Winning Child Star Rhed Bustamante is Now a Railway Vendor

Rhed Bustamante Rated K

Rhed Bustamante on Rated K. (ABS CBN)

Rhed Bustamante was once a successful child star. A ‘maldita kontrabida’ on TV soaps, Rhed thought her showbiz success would continue. However, Rated K and Korina Sanchez found Rhed Bustamante selling food near a train station with her mother.

The teenager told Rated K that her family is now having difficulty making ends meet after showbiz offers dried up. This is the reason why she is now selling food to augment the family income. Gone were the days when she would report to tapings of her TV programs.

Rhed Bustamante told Korina Sanchez that they were kicked out of the house they were renting in Metro Manila after her showbiz income stopped. To add to their problems, her father stopped working as well due to a lung ailment. As a result, the family had to move to Meycauayan, Bulacan where rent is cheaper.

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But still, the former child star revealed they are having difficulty. In fact, they are finding it hard to come up with their monthly rent of P6,000 a month.

Rhed hopes she would be given a second chance in showbiz so that she can help her family. She likewise told Korina that, if ever, her showbiz income would also help her and her siblings with their school expenses.

The former child star appeared in such TV programs as ‘Flordeliza’ and ‘Endless Love’, and in films such as ‘Praybeyt Benjamin’ and ‘Maria Leonora Teresa’. Viewers would probably still remember her award-winning performance in the critically-acclaimed film ‘Seklusyon’.

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Will Rhed be given a second chance? Offers probably stopped because RHed Bustamante is already in that awkward stage wherein she is already too big to be a child actor but not yet a teenager. It always happens to child stars.

Hopefully, she can resurrect her career. Will we see Rhed in Ang Probinsyano soon?

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