Published: Monday 11 June, 2018

Rina Navarro Pours Heart Out on Gov’t. Official’s Affair w/ Actress Friend

After weeks of silence, producer Rina Navarro has finally spoken about her rumored breakup with her government official boyfriend. The reason? He allegedly cheated on Rina with an actress who happens to be her friend.

Rina Navarro Ara Mina

Rina Navarro said the pain is one of the most heartbreaking feelings she has had to endure everyday. (Instagram/Tina Navarro)

On social media, Rina Navarro opened up about the betrayals – the fiance she loves and the actress friend whom she treated as a sister. She said it is one of the most heartbreaking feelings that she bears everyday.

“To be betrayed by the person you love, and by a person you consider your friend & treated like a sister is one of the most heart breaking feeling to wake up to, everyday. I cant even find the most appropriate word to describe it,” Rina wrote on her social media pages.

“You see, I was widowed at the age of 25, but I fell in love again, and thought I was living a fairytale because we have been truly happy together. I thought that my husband’s death was the worst experience in my existence, but now I realized that betrayal is even more painful than death.”

She and her government official boyfriend were supposed to get married soon. But after discovering his affair with the actress, the wedding has been called off.

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“I write this today, to ENCOURAGE women, first of all that despite any heartbreak that you might have had, or have at the moment, to have hope and believe in love, that it will come at the right time, and with the right person. You deserve respect and love. Always. And if this is not given to you, you have the power to give it to yourself,” Navarro continued.

“For every trial that comes your way, you can always stand up like I did- You may fall, men can crush you, your friends or your career may betray you, but you can always, always, stand up.

I want to get out if this, not jaded about love, but hopeful, that God allowed this unfortunate and undeserved pain to happen to me, because He is preparing me for something greater. God will never fail to bring out the truth and take care of us. That is for sure.

Today marks the 30th day of my journey thats why, Im very grateful for my family, friends, and my children who continue to give me the strength to face each day, renewed and stronger.

As for the people who has hurt me, I want you to know that you might have broken my heart, but you have not crushed my spirit.

So thank you, because in truth, what you have done to me, might have just saved me, without you knowing it.”

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Ara Mina is the Close Friend Rina Navarro is Referring to?

Rina did not say who the actress is who allegedly had an affair with her fiance. However, there are showbiz reports of a rumor that Ara Mina allegedly had an affair with an government official who is engaged to her friend. Ara has denied it

According to the rumor, it was during Ara Mina’s birthday celebration when her close friend discovered their alleged affair.

Ara reportedly asked the girl to join her on stage to sing during her birthday celebration. As the did not know the lyrics of the song, Ara lent her mobile phone where the lyrics are stored. But, as they were singing, a text message came in for Ara – it was from the girl’s fiance!

Surprised and shocked, Ara Mina’s friend reportedly ran to the restroom with the phone and that was where she discovered all the messages between Ara Mina and her government official fiance!

Ara Mina Rina Navarro

According to rumors, Ara Mina had an affair with a government official engaged to her close friend. (PEP)

Rina Navarro’s Boyfriend

So, who is the government official boyfriend? Let’s just call him D, who was appointed by President Duterte to an undersecretary level position last year. Reportedly, he and Rina had been together for several years and were planning to get married this year before Navarro discovered the alleged affair. They already have a newborn baby boy.

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[…] The accuser has become an accused as well. A woman named Gina Magat has accused Rina Navarro of stealing her boyfriend five years ago, the same kind of accusation Rina is hurling against Ara Mina! […]