Published: Friday 16 December, 2016

Indonesian Beauty Blogger Electrocuted by Faulty Shower Heater

Beauty blogger Rini Cesillia

Beauty blogger Rini Cesillia in one of her videos. (PHOTO: YouTube)

A resident of Jakarta, the gorgeous beauty blogger had traveled to Bali with friends for a vacation. But friends became worried when she did not pick up her phone Tuesday, prompting pals to check on her in her hotel room.

After opening the door, they found water running from the bathroom to the bedroom floor. Cesillia was then found unconscious and slumped on the shower floor with burn marks on her chest. She was still clutching the shower hose when found.

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Police believe the beauty blogger was electrocuted by the faulty water heater of the shower though authorities are still waiting for autopsy results before making an official statement on the cause of her death.

“We suspect Cesillia died from electric shock. The body has been evacuated to Sanglah Hospital,” said Inspector Bangkit Dananjaya, from the South Denpasar Police Criminal Investigation Unit in Bali.

“We are waiting for the post-mortem examination to ascertain whether the cause of death was electrocution or not,” he added.

Friends and followers of her beauty blog have paid tribute to Rini Cesillia, who has helped thousands overcome their insecurities with her beauty tips and tricks.

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