Published: Friday 07 September, 2018

Robin Padilla Facebook Account Cancelled After Posting Trillanes Video?

Robin Padilla Facebook cancelled

Why did Facebook cancel Robin Padilla’s account? (YouTube)

Actor Robin Padilla’s Facebook has been cancelled! Apparently, Facebook cancelled Robin’s account after the actor and vocal Duterte supporter posted a video taunting Senator Antonio Trillanes for hiding inside the Senate following his arrest order.

In an interview with radio station DZBB Friday morning, Robin Padilla said he does not know why his Facebook account was cancelled. We can confirm this because his video on Trillanes can no longer be found. Even his whole page is no longer there!

I wonder what Robin Padilla violated for Facebook to cancel his account. Fortunately, his video on Trillanes can still be found on YouTube after a netizen downloaded it and uploaded it there.

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