Published: Monday 15 January, 2018

Nakakahiya ka, Robin Padilla for How You Treated Korean Contestant on PGT

What Robin Padilla did to a Korean contestant on Pilipinas Got Talent was a shame! Robin, for those who don’t know, arrogantly told a Korean contestant that he should speak Tagalog on PGT.

Robin Padilla Korean

Rude and arrogant, that’s what many are saying about Robin Padilla after what he did to a Korean contestant on PGT. (ABS CBN screen grab)

Since when was it a requirement that Tagalog should be spoken on Pilipinas Got Talent? Is that a rule stipulated on a contract the contestants signed? I don’t think so! The mere fact that he qualified for the audition means it was okay if he didn’t speak the vernacular.

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It’s Robin’s rule, I suppose, and an ignorant one at that!

“Hijo, Pilipinas Got Talent. Mag-Tagalog ka kasi magmumukha kaming katawa-tawa kung magi-Ingles kami dito para sa iyo,” Robin Padilla told Korean contestant Kim Jiwan. “Pilipinas Got Talent. Mag-Tagalog ka, hijo.”

Yes, Robin, it’s Pilipinas Got Talent. And if you didn’t notice, the title is in Filipino and English!

And, by the way, if I remember it right, the Philippines’ official languages are still Filipino and English.