Published: Monday 29 January, 2018

After Winning Australian Open, Federer Hopes to Come Back in 2019

If all goes according to plan for Roger Federer, he will be back in Australian Open 2019 to defend his title. This from the 36-year old tennis legend who had just won his record-tying sixth Australian Open and 20th Grand Slam championship. (See Federer’s records HERE)

Roger Federer Australian Open

Hours after winning Australian Open 2018, Federer already looking forward to Australian Open 2019! (AP image)

Roger Federer said he hopes to defend his Australian Open 2018 title in twelve months. After beating Marin Cilic in the thrilling 5-set final, Federer talked to the media about his victory and plans for the rest of the season. He admits, though, that his victory hasn’t really sunk in yet.

“Last year was a lot more straightforward, just disbelief that I won and there I was waking up with the trophy,” said Federer. “But, I don’t know, this year feels more surreal. I can’t believe that I was able to defend my title, that after all these years I could do it again.”

“It’s super special, one of the great moments in my career, and maybe this one is going to take longer to sink in,” he added, as quoted by Reuters.

At 36 years old, the Swiss legend is still extremely fit as evidenced by this victories over much younger players. But, the secret to his staying competitive in tennis despite his age is the careful management of his schedule.

Last year, he skipped the clay court season after winning in Australia. That proved to be effective as he won Wimbledon for the eighth time. And, chances are, Federer will follow the same schedule this year.

Despite having a good shot at being number 1 in the world again, that is not Roger’s priority at the moment. What he and his team wants is to remain fit for the big tournaments of the season.