Published: Thursday 17 May, 2018

Sharon Cuneta Breaks Her Silence on ‘Power Tripping’ of Gabby’s Camp

The reunion film of Sharon Cuneta and gabby Concepcion is officially off. This after Sharon resigned due to the ‘power tripping ‘ of Gabby’s camp. In a social media post, the Megastar broke her silence on the issue and vented her disappointment.

Sharon Gabby power tripping

The Sharon Gabby reunion movie is officially dead after Sharon accused Gabby’s camp of power tripping. (Instagram/Gabby Concepcion)

The reunion film of Sharon and Gabby has been eagerly awaited by thousands, if not millions, of their fans. And, after the former couple’s teamup in a McDonald’s commercial a few months ago, the possibility that they would make a movie again became almost a reality. But Sharon Cuneta officially resigned from the project earlier this month after on-and-off negotiations took a toll on her patience.

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Sharon said she agreed to all the demands of Gabby Concepcion’s camp, even in the billing. But when they ‘toyed’ with her schedule and professionalism, she had to put her foot down.

Sharon Cuneta on Gabby’s ‘Power Tripping’

Sharon began by saying that the transaction between both camps was supposed to be confidential. However, she had to reveal what really happened to set the record straight.

Sharon power tripping Gabby

So far, no reaction yet from Gabby’s camp.