Published: Friday 02 June, 2017

Shooting at Resorts World Manila Sparks Rumors of ‘ISIS Terrorist Attack’

Resorts World Manila

Scene outside Resorts World after reported shooting / gunfire inside the hotel, casino and mall complex. (Twitter)

According to social media reports at the scene, gun fire was heard at Resorts World Manila after midnight followed by shouting and screaming. Soon after, diners, shoppers and those in the casino started running out of the building. There is still no report on who is responsible. Hope everyone is safe.

UPDATE: The attack in Resorts World Manila is apparently over. Police say the lone gunman was found dead inside Room 510 severely burned after setting himself on fire. CCTV videos reportedly showed it was a lone gunman who launched an attack on Resorts World Manila at just past midnight Friday.

As of the moment, mopping up operations are still ongoing inside the hotel casino and shopping mall complex. Thick smoke still covers many areas after the gunman set fire to some areas.

Although ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, Manila authorities are saying there is no evidence of terrorism. Injuries reported were caused by the stampede that followed the surprise attack, say the police. 

Many are still doubting the police’s version, though. What about the men wearing black shirts and masks earlier reported by witnesses? It’s also hard to believe that a lone attacker entered the complex armed with a high-caliber weapon only to kill himself afterwards. All that for robbery?


Meanwhile, here are some Twitter posts about the incident. Please be warned that some are mere speculation at this point. The ISIS terrorism link is still unconfirmed.

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