Published: Friday 09 November, 2018

Singer KYLA Loses Baby After a Miscarriage, Her Second: ‘But I will remain hopeful’

kyla miscarriage

Kyla, her husband Rich Alvarez and their son, Toby. (Instagram/Kyla Alvarez)

Kyla suffered a miscarriage recently and she poured out her grief on social media. It was Kyla’s second miscarriage in less than two years but, despite the loss, the singer said she remains hopeful for another child.

Kyla kept her pregnancy from the public because she and her husband, former basketball player Rich Alvarez, wanted to wait until the first trimester to make the announcement.

“This August, I was so happy and excited. I thought i was gonna be a mom again! We wanted to keep it a secret until the 1st trimester is over. And then we’ll share the happy news to everyone.,” she said in her social media post.

“It was a sensitive pregnancy that i had to leave work for a while; take a bed rest, as advised by our doctor,” Kyla continued.

This was the reason why she was missing from her regular TV appearances the past months. It was a choice she had to make to take care of herself and the baby in her womb.

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“That’s why i haven’t been on tv and i had to forego some of the events where i had to sing, and shows including ASAP in Australia. ASAP, Tawag Ng Tanghalan, and Cornerstone have been very good to me and i really appreciate and thank them for being so understanding.”

But it was not to be. They lost their baby.

“Last week, we lost our angel. Again. For the second time. My heart was breaking as i was being brought to the delivery room. I was not going to have a baby. I was having a miscarriage again. I felt like i was given the most beautiful gift and then taken back from me so fast”

Kyla revealed that she still finds it hard to deal with the loss.

“It’s hard to keep my emotions intact. I cry at the stupidest things. Today was that lotion. I asked my husband to buy for stretch marks and he went hoarding a bunch for me at Rustan’s. I cry everytime i see it. Or the maternity clothes i ordered online that was delivered at home. Or when i see Toby’s baby clothes that i brought out to be washed again. Or whenever Toby would ask where his sibling went.”

“It’s heartbreaking. Grief is not a once and done process. You don’t cry for a week, or a month, or a year and then move on. It’s hard. You don’t get it out of your system. I will always wonder about the birthdays that we will never get to celebrate. It was supposed to be September and May”

But she remains positive…

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“This year has been very difficult for me and my family. But i will remain hopeful. I know everything happens for a reason. And through all the pain and trying experiences, i know something wonderful will happen. I’ll be back soon. Thank you. See you..”

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