Published: Sunday 29 April, 2018

Smell of Durian Mistaken for Gas Leak, Causes Panic in Australian University

A university library in Australia was evacuated and emergency personnel were called in all because of a durian. The durian’s pungent smell was mistaken for a gas leak causing panic in the university.

Emergency services were called to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology university campus library on Saturday because of a suspected chemical gas leak. After a thorough inspection of the premises, the culprit was found – a rotting durian inside a cupboard!

If you don’t know what a durian is then you should go to the nearest Asian market and try one. It will be an unforgettable experience, for sure!

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The durian is a rather large green fruit with the thick, thorny skin that reveals yellow, fleshy pods inside. Many swear that it’s delicious, even tasting like ice cream, but the majority can’t stand it. Many don’t even get to taste it because they are turned off by its ‘presence’.

You see, the durian has a rather distinctive (offensive) odor. You can smell it from several feet away. And when the fruit is cracked open, the smell gets even stronger (read: worse)! Reason enough that the durian has been tagged in the Philippines as the fruit that ‘tastes like heaven but smells like hell’! In the West, they refer to it as ‘the blue cheese of fruit.”

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It is native to Southeast Asia but many locals can’t even stand it, myself included. Surprisingly, some westerners like it. Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain is one. 

Watch this video of Jessica introducing Jimmy Kimmel to a durian: