Published: Friday 15 June, 2018

Spam Luncheon Meat to be Made in the Philippines by San Miguel Foods Corp.

Spam will soon be made in the Philippines. The locally-made Spam will be for local consumption as well as for export, said San Miguel Corporation which is embarking on a historic expansion that only includes meat processing but beer production as well.

There is no doubt that Spam is a popular luncheon meat for Filipinos. However, since it is imported, the current Spam in the market is priced out of reach from ordinary Filipinos. But with local production, will Spam be soon priced more reasonably? That we’ll have to see. For now, San Miguel can only say that it is expanding its meat processing capacity to about 150,000 tons a year.

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“We are also expanding processed meats … Ang capacity is about 500 tons a day, 150,000 tons per year ‘yung tinatayong planta,” said Ramon And, vice chairman and chief operating officer of SMC, as quoted by GMA News.

The expansion is part of SMC’s “largest capacity building program undertaken in its history”. This includes putting up five to six new breweries in the next two years in Quezon or Bicol, another in Cagayan de Oro and another one in Zamboanga. 

New feed mills will also be put up in Mariveles, Bataan; Mabini, Batangas; Cagayan de Oro; San Ildefonso, Bulacan; Mandaue, Cebu; and Iloilo.

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