Published: Sunday 17 December, 2017

Special Treatment? Bong Revilla Files Motion to Spend Holidays with Family

Detained former senator Bong Revilla wants to spend Christmas and New Year with his family. And Revilla has petitioned the Sandiganbayan to allow him to do so.

Bong Revilla

The court must NOT grand Bong revilla ‘s petition to spend Christmas and New Year with his family. ( photo)

In a motion filed by his attorneys, Bong Revilla said he wants to be with his family to”celebrate mass, dine together for Noche Buena and Media Noche, and simply spend time with each other.” The disgraced former senator promised that he would not abuse the privilege if the courts grants it.

But isn’t Revilla asking for special treatment? Where else can you see a detainee allowed by the court to leave prison to spend Christmas and New Year outside? Ordinary prisoners and detainees certainly would not be allowed to do so. So what’s sets Bong Revilla apart?

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This is exactly the argument of the prosecution as it tries to block the motion.

“While the undersigned prosecutors recognize the importance of spending time with family and loved ones during the Christmas season, our existing laws and jurisprudence militate against the grant of the furlough prayed for,” said the prosecution in its opposition to the motion of Revilla’s camp.

“Considering the gravity of the offenses charged against him and the stage of the proceedings, not to mention the magnitude of the amount involved, his motion must not be granted so as not to afford him the opportunity, however remote, to escape incarceration,” it added.

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“No less important, if this Honorable Court accedes to accused Revilla’s request, it will grant him a special privilege that is not accorded to an ordinary prisoner and unduly create an impression to the public that accused Revilla, being a high-ranking official, is favoured detainee,” the prosecution reiterated.

Bong Revilla will not be lonely at the PNP detention center come Christmas time. Leila Delima is just a cell away. They can spend the holidays together, and cry their hearts out!