Published: Wednesday 05 July, 2017

Stalker? But Photos, Videos Show Xian Gaza & Ella Cruz are Very Close Friends!

Xian Gaza has been labelled many things lately: scammer, fame whore, braggart, admirer, fan. He has also been called a stalker. Ella Cruz’s mom said Xian Gaza was stalking Ella for quite a time. However, some find that hard to believe given the photos and videos of the two posted on social media.

Xian Gaza Ella Cruz

Xian Gaza & Ella Cruz: Is this what a stalker is? (Facebook/Xian Gaza)

Xian himself seemed to belie the accusation that he was Ella Cruz’s stalker by posting rather photos of videos with the actress in rather intimate scenes. One picture show them snuggling, another showed their sweetness toward each other. Other images showed their their closeness which belie the stalking accusation.

In a social media post Tuesday, Xian Gaza owned up to his past mistakes and even said he may have scammed a few people previously. However, he said he is a changed man and has even made reparations with his aggrieved parties by paying them back even if by installment.

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Bit there was one thing he never admitted. And that was being a stalker because, maybe, he really was not one. Especially with Ella Cruz.

Xian Gaza Ella Cruz

Were Ella Cruz and Xian Gaza more than friends? Ella has denied he was her ex-boyfriend but new pictures from Gaza seem to show the contrary. (Xian Gaza/Facebook)

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Facebook/Xian Gaza